Uber’s Automatic Cars are on road again after the fatal crash

Uber from San Francisco announced that its autonomous cars returned to roads after nine months of an accident caused by one of its self-driving cars and killed the pedestrian in Tempe, Ariz.

This time Uber is taking more measures like drastically reduced speeds and less complicated environments than before, to ensure people’s safety. 
According to Eric Meyhofer, head of Uber’s autonomous vehicle unit, the company is working on prioritizing safety and will regularly communicate progress until the self-driving system meets the promise of safer and affordable for everyone. 

Uber decided to start with fewer cars approx. five on the road and gradually increase the number. 

Each vehicle will have two drivers in case of an emergency. They will take over the control if things go south. Compared to 8 -10 hours shifts now drivers will work in a four-hour shift without any passengers.

The autonomous car’s speed is reduced to 25 miles an hour from 55 miles as before. They will drive only on a limited loop in Pittsburgh’s Strip District and only during daylight hours on weekdays. 

[ The autonomous machines are slowly progressing and soon most of the labor-intensive tasks will be automated]

Uber is also starting trails on the streets of Toronto, although those vehicles will operate in manual mode (without software) without a human driver.

The company had to stop its fleet of autonomous vehicles in March after one of its cars struck and killed Elaine Herzberg, 49, on a street in Tempe.
Getting back on road was not an easy task for Uber. The cars struggled to pass safety tests. The cars were still failing 10 out of 70 safety tests, last month, accordingly to internal documents.

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