Skybot F-850 is a humanoid robot

Skybot F-850 is a humanoid robot developed by the Androidnaya Technika company in cooperation with the Russian Foundation for Advanced Research Projects. Formerly known as Fedor (Федор), the robot is powered by a set of standard batteries from the Russian Orlan spacesuit for spacewalks. Skybot F-850 can perform some tasks in an autonomous mode and can be used under the full remote control of an operator. Skybot F-850 will travel to the International Space Station onboard the uncrewed Soyuz MS-14 spacecraft and will return after two weeks. On the International Space Station, Skybot F-850 will work in “avatar” mode, copying the movements of an operator. 

Images and video footage courtesy of Roscosmos
Music: Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairies by Tchaikovsky courtesy of YouTube Audio Library 
Video Source: SciNews (Youtube channel)

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