Robotic Farm Labor picks a pepper in every 24 seconds

Farming is a sector where robotics and automation can do wonders. The area requires the highest number of manual labor and a shortage of employees is always a pain. Therefore companies are working to solve this issue with automation and robots.

Researches from Europe and Israel have buil a prototype robot that can pick peppers in a greenhouse. The robot named Sweeper, is backed by the European Union as part of its Horizon 2020 innovation program.

Robots uses a camera that identifies the color of the pepper. Artificial Intelligence then helps the robot decide if the fruit is ripe for picking. The robot uses a razor to cut the stem before catching the fruit and collecting in the basket below.

Robot takes around 24 seconds to picka single pepper however it was purposesfully slowed for securtiy reasons. The robot can also work at night and dark with help of LED lights installed on it. It can operate for 20 hours/day with 61 percent accuracy in picking ripe fruit.

There are many other robots used for different types of farming like Argobot is working on a robot that picks strawberries, Green Robot Machinery has a cotton picking robot and MetroMotion from Israeli working on a tomato picking bot.

According to a research, the agriculture robots market is expected to reach $75 billion by 2025. However, agricultural robots are still far from perfection and need around 3-5 years to have a commercial version.

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