Facebook releases Artificial Intelligence tools on GitHub for people to use

Facebook Inc. is known for his latest advancement in technology and enthusiasts feel lucky if they get a part of it. Facebook announced that its artificial intelligence tool known as Horizon will be available on the code repository GitHub starting today. Microsoft owns GitHub.

Facebook used this tools to optimize 360-degree videos on social video, to improve what content to push to users through notification and also used with Messenger.

The Horizon software is focused on reinforcement learning, in which software improves itself by trial-and-error from experience to maximize some reward or minimize some loss, rather than from labeled data sets.

Reinforcement learning is responsible for number breakthroughs in AI — like strategy games and multiplayer human games like Dota2

However, so far, it’s hardly been used by businesses to address real-world problems as because outside game it is not safe to allow algorithms to learn on trial and error basis.

Facebook follows other AI research groups, including Alphabet Inc.’s DeepMind and GoogleBrain AI teams, and OpenAI, which have recently made reinforcement learning algorithms, programming tools and test environments publicly available.

Let us know in the comments below what you think about this Facebook’s move.

Source: Facebook blog

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