“Exposure Notification Express” launched by Apple for COVID-19

Young Indian woman with mask using phone and sitting with distance inside the train

Apple and Google have introduced support for app-less exposure notifications.

These new tools should make it easier for government authorities to implement notifications for people who have a high risk of exposer to COVID-19.

Both the companies are taking efforts to help authorities and people to help recover from this pandemic. The app-less exposure notification will be available on Apple from 1st September 2020 on version iOS 13.7 and on Android later this month. The users no longer need to download an app to get notification from government authorities, also user will have the option to opt-out if the user does not wish to receive the notifications.

According to Apple and Google 20 countries have built apps based on their API. India is not on that list.

Image Credits: Apple / Google

The system promises the same privacy protection that Apple and Google have provided till today, which means your “location information is not collected or connected to any exposure notification” (Oh! Ya, we know that).

The technology uses a randomly generated key to track when and where a device has come into Bluetooth range with other devices also using the software. It maintains a log of these random identifiers, and checks against reported confirmed diagnoses (also fully anonymized) to see if there has been any exposure risk — as determined by the definition of exposure in terms of duration and distance as established by each region’s governing public health authority.

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