“Exposure Notification Express” launched by Apple for COVID-19

Young Indian woman with mask using phone and sitting with distance inside the train

Apple and Google have introduced support for app-less exposure notifications. These new tools should make it easier for government authorities to implement notifications for people who have a high risk of exposer to COVID-19. Both the companies are taking efforts to help authorities and people to help recover from this pandemic. The app-less exposure notification […]

Google maps traffic AI is also not perfect

google map hack - youngturk

An artist hacked Google Maps’ traffic display – and all it took was a red wagon and 99 smartphones. Simon Weckert toted the pile of smartphones down empty streets in Berlin. Every street he traversed suddenly appeared as a red, traffic-heavy zone on Google Maps, causing drivers to reroute to avoid the streets, as shown […]

5G has hidden security flaws that let attackers track your location

5G - Youngturk

The news: Security researchers have identified 11 design vulnerabilities with 5G protocols that could expose a user’s location, spoof emergency alerts, track their phone activity (calls, texts, or web browsing), or silently disconnect their phone from the network altogether.  Security: The flaws were identified using a custom tool the researchers built called 5GReasoner, which they used to identify […]