Robotics in the Oil & Gas Industry

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Robots such as Boston Dynamics’ Spot can help industrial companies save time and free up human creativity for other tasks. Cognite and Aker BP are working together to explore how robots can revolutionize offshore operations. Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on pinterest Share on reddit Share on whatsapp Share on […]

Self-healing robots can now heal and repair themselves!

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Robotic hands (self-healing robots) can sense and fix the damage without human involvement created by EU projects. Scientists have designed and developed soft robotic hands from jelly-like plastic that can do tasks like picking fruit to minor surgery. But being soft and gentle made the robots prone to damage and left them largely impractical for […]

Uber’s Automatic Cars are on road again after the fatal crash

Uber autonomous self-driving

Uber from San Francisco announced that its autonomous cars returned to roads after nine months of an accident caused by one of its self-driving cars and killed the pedestrian in Tempe, Ariz. This time Uber is taking more measures like drastically reduced speeds and less complicated environments than before, to ensure people’s safety. According to Eric Meyhofer, head of […]

Robotic Farm Labor picks a pepper in every 24 seconds

Farming is a sector where robotics and automation can do wonders. The area requires the highest number of manual labor and a shortage of employees is always a pain. Therefore companies are working to solve this issue with automation and robots. Researches from Europe and Israel have buil a prototype robot that can pick peppers […]