Artificial Intelligence (AI) can detect guns and shooters

Technology can save people by identifying guns and reduce violence.

An US-based AI company claims that they have implemented an AI camera system that can detect guns in the crowd and prevent violence.

Also, they can alert security services after detection and reduce the response time. The company goes by the name of Althena Security.

Due to the increasing threat of the Mass shooting in US various kind of technologies are introduced to counter these situations. Some schools are also in the process of installing airport-style body scanners.

With the help of AI, some schools are also started monitoring student’s social profiles and keeping an eye on their activity.

Compared to the weakness of the past system which used to raise more false alarms, this computer vision algorithm monitors camera regularly and provide better surveillance.

The camera system is powered by NVIDIA 2080 RTX graphics card can be used with existing systems.

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